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This maker took these simple pieces.. you won’t believe what he did with them


OK, I’ll admit that the Useless Machine (a.k.a Useless Box) makes me laugh every time I see it. A while back we decided to create our own version. Being huge supporters of the Maker movement we decided to write an instructable and give away our designs for our Useless Machine. That’s right… with just a few commonly available parts you can build 1, or 100, of these unique, fun, addictive toys. Check out what you can build yourself with just a few easily available parts.

Now, we know that a lot of folks don’t have access to a laser cutter yet. We hope there are more and more available at maker spaces across the country but, for now, we decided to offer the item as a kit so that access to the cutter does not hold anyone up from building their own. We hope you take the time to check out the instructable and build your own. You can always get the kit directly from us if you don’t yet have access to the cutter. We hope you will build your own and share it with us. We’d love to see what you make!



Fun with Google Trends

Hey, everyone, JoJo the Orange Kat here. In doing this blog, I’ve been told about the importance of search terms and search engine optimization and have been doing my best ever since. In trying to be hip to this, I recently learned about a nifty program called Google Trends, which shows the popularity of a given search term through a five year basis. I decided to plug a few key words in, see what it came up with, and share the results with you.

Early on we were a little bit far from the search term, but over the years we’ve been closing the gap, as seen around June 2014.

According to this chart, at least, the name of our business has actually become more trend-worthy than custom plaques. We must be doing something right! It’s probably because I’m the mascot….

Like with the military gift category, Orange Kat has seemed to gain relevance with that of useless machine curiosity.

Squatch spook

October, the month when the Colorado hills and mountains are gold and red with changing aspen leaves and the autumn air is chilly. But that’s okay, because as a cat, that permits me to stay inside where it’s temperature controlled and lay in a bar of sunlight to warm my fuzzy kitty tummy.

But not so much in the evening. October is the month of Halloween, where witches and

ghosts go bump in the night. But those aren’t what my feline eyes see as the sun sets and darkness comes earlier and earlier as we go further into fall. I think there’s something out there, and it seems to have huge feet….

Hold on, I just got it. Big feet. Big Foot. The sasquatch! Why, what a perfect idea for a new product. Hold on, let me just bother the humans.

(An hour of unintelligible meowing and confusion ensues)

There we go. I present to you the Bigfoot Beer glass!

Bigfoot Beer glass

If somehow you have trouble wrapping your mind around the existence of this mythical creature, then drinking from this glass will help. Look for it in our store sometime soon!

Also, if you’re in the Bailey area and want to check out a local locale related to Big Foot, head on over to the Sasquatch Outpost. In addition to having tons of Sasquatch merchandise, they have a selection of outdoor supplies, good for if you’re planning a Bigfoot photo safari or just want to enjoy the outdoors.

Leaving Your Mark with Jewelry

Gaudy jewelry materials

Earrings are a must have accessory for any good outfit. However, with that being said, one has to be careful about the type of jewelry you choose. You don’t want to buy anything made from materials like in the above picture and end up looking like a gaudy Mr. T knock-off. Or like the mother of mother-in-laws.

With this in mind, it’s difficult to think of a good birthday gift idea or to find something to make a memorable Christmas present. And even if you can, there’s the visits to crowded shopping malls or fighting traffic to get to a nearby jewelry store, where in either case the salespeople make car dealers look subtle.  

But, that’s what they invented online shopping for. Our store hosts a unique pair of Paw Print Hardwood Earrings for the animal lover in your life, and for just $12.49. And they’re even made of comfortable lightweight wood! Click the link to see what woods you can choose from, including Maple and Cocobolo.

No Joke – 40% Off All Mountain Creek Naturals Products All Month!

Reintroducing the Mountain Creek Naturals Eco-Friendly Cleaning Product Line!

  • Bathroom Cleanser
  • Glass and Window Cleaner
  • Granite Cleaner and Polish
  • Kitchen Sanitizer
  • Slate, Tile and Linoleum Cleanser

All available in our Signature Scent-Harmony (Rose, Rosemary, Mint and Thyme essential oils), Blissful Scent (Chamomile, Orange and Ylang Ylang essential oils) or Awaken Scent (Bergamot, Lemon, Lime, Petit Grain, Neroli).

  • Wood Polish
  • Hardwood Floor Concentrate

Available in fresh citrus scent.

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Coupon may also be used for the Mountain Creek Naturals Plant and Garden Sprays, Fruit and Vegetable Wash and Aromatherapy Sprays!

Full Line Pic Close up Part of Full Line

The Importance of ID Tagging Your Pet (and a special deal!)

At Orange Kat, LLC, we love all animals and believe it’s very important to provide external identification. PetHublog has a great post detailing several of the reasons:

Top 5 Reasons to Protect Your Pets with External Identification Tags

Take advantage of this week’s special and order ID tags for your pets for only $2.49!

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A harmonious essential oil blend of mint, rose, rosemary and thyme.


Achieve perfect harmony with the press of a finger. Use as a body mist, deodorant or room freshener. Simply spritz on linens, spray on body or lightly mist air.

Water, Witch Hazel, Coconut derived emulsifier, essential oils (peppermint, rose, rosemary and thyme)

Harmony                 Group