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Details from our journey of starting and building a home based business.

Fun with Google Trends

Hey, everyone, JoJo the Orange Kat here. In doing this blog, I’ve been told about the importance of search terms and search engine optimization and have been doing my best ever since. In trying to be hip to this, I recently learned about a nifty program called Google Trends, which shows the popularity of a given search term through a five year basis. I decided to plug a few key words in, see what it came up with, and share the results with you.

Early on we were a little bit far from the search term, but over the years we’ve been closing the gap, as seen around June 2014.

According to this chart, at least, the name of our business has actually become more trend-worthy than custom plaques. We must be doing something right! It’s probably because I’m the mascot….

Like with the military gift category, Orange Kat has seemed to gain relevance with that of useless machine curiosity.

Leaving Your Mark with Jewelry

Gaudy jewelry materials

Earrings are a must have accessory for any good outfit. However, with that being said, one has to be careful about the type of jewelry you choose. You don’t want to buy anything made from materials like in the above picture and end up looking like a gaudy Mr. T knock-off. Or like the mother of mother-in-laws.

With this in mind, it’s difficult to think of a good birthday gift idea or to find something to make a memorable Christmas present. And even if you can, there’s the visits to crowded shopping malls or fighting traffic to get to a nearby jewelry store, where in either case the salespeople make car dealers look subtle.  

But, that’s what they invented online shopping for. Our store hosts a unique pair of Paw Print Hardwood Earrings for the animal lover in your life, and for just $12.49. And they’re even made of comfortable lightweight wood! Click the link to see what woods you can choose from, including Maple and Cocobolo.

1 + 1 = 3????

It does at Orange Kat.  I realized this on Sunday while Steve and I were working to put together a large order that included about a dozen pieces we had not previously manufactured and photographed.  The beauty of our business is that the work is fun and rewarding.  The beauty of working weekends and evenings is that Steve and I get to work together during those times.

Steve still works full-time as a software developer so I work alone on weekdays (unless you count the orange cats and their six brothers and sisters).  Managing the office is no sweat and I prefer quiet and solitude when working on the books and marketing.  Learning to design, cut, engrave, assemble and finish our laser products has been a bit more challenging.  Fortunately, Steve paid attention in his geometry classes and has been able to design every custom request we’ve received, along with dozens of his own creations, with seeming ease.  My role in the laser division is as more of an assistant to my incredibly creative husband.  I get to express my creativity more in developing the Mountain Creek Naturals product line and Steve is always ready and willing to help bottle and label.

The amount of work we’re able to accomplish together really amazes me.  We complete far more than if we were working on the same projects separately.  I would judge the output to be at least three times that of working individually.  We have a certain synchronicity that I’ve never experienced working with others which I expect results from working with my partner in life and best friend.  Now I just need to remember to adjust my expectations to account for working alone during the week when 1 + 0 really does equal 1.