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This maker took these simple pieces.. you won’t believe what he did with them


OK, I’ll admit that the Useless Machine (a.k.a Useless Box) makes me laugh every time I see it. A while back we decided to create our own version. Being huge supporters of the Maker movement we decided to write an instructable and give away our designs for our Useless Machine. That’s right… with just a few commonly available parts you can build 1, or 100, of these unique, fun, addictive toys. Check out what you can build yourself with just a few easily available parts.

Now, we know that a lot of folks don’t have access to a laser cutter yet. We hope there are more and more available at maker spaces across the country but, for now, we decided to offer the item as a kit so that access to the cutter does not hold anyone up from building their own. We hope you take the time to check out the instructable and build your own. You can always get the kit directly from us if you don’t yet have access to the cutter. We hope you will build your own and share it with us. We’d love to see what you make!



A lazy Saturday… for some

Dogs relaxing at Orange Kat HQ

Dogs relaxing at Orange Kat HQ

While the name of the company may be Orange Kat, we love our dogs, too. Jack and Diane love to hang out with us in the shop. They have us trained pretty well. We keep an extra stash of cookies close at hand when they need a treat. Our treat is knowing that our faithful pups are nearby and keeping us company.

A Great Weekend and some sad memories

We attended the Rockies game last night with Wendy’s parents. It was a beautiful evening for a game. The Rocks lost, but it was still a great time. Today is Bailey Day. Our friend Laura is coming by in a little while and we are heading down to check out the festivities for a little while. Then it is back to work here. Tomorrow we are hiking Reynolds Park. One of our favorite day hikes. Amongst all of this, we have a few orders to fill this weekend. First, is a personlized ham radio plaque. Next is a donation we are making to a All Bassets Cherised Basset Hound Rescue for their upcoming silent auction. We are putting together one of Basset Hound Plaques for them. We are hoping they will consider adding some of our products to their online shop.

As you can tell by the name of the company, we are avid animal people and like to support rescue groups when and where we are able. Orange Kat, LLC was named after Gizmo Joseph who, sadly, passed away about a year ago. It was just as we returned from a Rockies game then that we found him. Gizmo, or Joe-Joe, as we often called him, was Wendy’s long time companion and a vital part of our family. He was our introduction to the world of orange cats. Ornery yet loveable. Trouble-making, but a joy. I think these are qualities that all the orange cats have.

We have two new ‘Orange Kats’ now, who we love dearly. Those of you who have lost cherished pest know that they can never be replaced, but we love the new kittens, Aslan and Jewel, dearly.




Staying Busy here at Orange Kat

Not only do the four legged, furry orange cats (not to mention the dogs and other cats) keep us on our toes but we have been staying busy here at Orange Kat, LLC, too. Wendy is getting her cleaning supplies onto and we are researching advertising in several magazines and other websites to, hopefully, drive a few more sales. How come the to-do list never seems to get any shorter? There always seems to be 2 new items for every one that gets checked off the list!

Orange Kat had it’s first request for an international order today. Although Accurate Laser Engraving has done several shipments of puzzles to Europe in the past, this was the first for the newly named company. Speaking of which, one of the key pieces we checked off today was the name change filing with the Secretary of State. I think we are official now. Except for the sales tax license, the bank accounts, the post office… That was 3 items added to the list for the one checked off.

Wish us luck and keep reading to hear more about our adventures and, hopefully, some of our products will strike your fancy! In the mean time, think good thoughts for the folks south of us who are dealing with the forest fires here in Colorado.

Steve & Wendy

Etsy Orders

We posted our first items on Etsy a few weeks ago. We are excited to see some orders already starting to come in. We had read on a few other blogs that it took some stores several months before they go their first order! Our ham radio plaques are the big hit so far but we have sold a few other items, too.

Be sure to visit our Etsy shop.

Thanks for visiting (and 73 to all you ham radio folks)!!!