The Kat and the Fox



It’s been an amazing year since we attended our first Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show last November! As we load the Kat Mobile to set-up at the Denver Merchandise Mart tomorrow we’ve been remembering the trepidation we felt not knowing what to expect at our first large gift show. We were at the very bottom of a sharp learning curve and feel much more relaxed this year. We decided to narrow our focus and bring just a couple of our product lines which includes our military, civic and fraternal gifts along with our glassware and the ridiculously popular “useless machine” (and the assemble yourself useless machine kit). Even more exciting is that we’re going to feature the Artic Fox Stained Glass product line made by a dear personal friend of ours. In recent months we began providing some laser work for Artic Fox and, as the new year approaches, we hope to deepen that relationship and collaborate to produce some truly unique designs combining mediums that are not traditionally paired. We’ll keep in touch over this busy weekend and hope to see you at the Mart!

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