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Jo Jo’s Voice


Jo Jo the Orange Kat mascot has lost his voice, so to speak. You may have noticed that for the last 6 months, our blog has been regularly updated by Devin who gave voice to our special orange guy. It’s with mixed emotions that we congratulate Devin on his new job in what has become a very difficult field to enter! Devin will be joining the Montrose Daily Press and will have the opportunity to put his hard-earned degree in journalism to use. To the Montrose Daily Press, our loss is your gain. To Devin, we can never thank you enough for your hard work these past 6 months. Happy writing and happy tails!

The Snowy Days of October are Upon Us


Winter is coming. Soon the snow will come to bury the remaining orange leaves lying on the ground, and I’ll have a hard time blending in. But that’s okay. The blinding white of the snow just makes my orange fur stand out that much more.

With that said, make sure you’re prepared for winter. So here’s a few tips for the oncoming, wet, cold, snowy months.

  1. Make sure to keep your pets inside, where its warm and dry. Us animals may have fur coats, but they only do so much.
  2. Make sure you have good winter clothes. Snow boots without holes, adequate coats, hats and gloves are a must.
  3. Ice scrapers for your car. Mornings can be stressful enough when you want to sleep in (which I can, not to rub it in), but they’re even more stressful when your windshield is coated in ice.  Additionally, here’s a guide on how to remove windshield wipers frozen to the windshield.
  4. Three things: snow tires, snow chains, black ice, and careful driving. Have at least one of the first two, watch out for the third, and practice the fourth as much as possible. This last one is important year round, but especially so when the roads are slick.
  5. If, for whatever reason, you have your windows cracked while driving, make sure you roll them all the way back up before exiting. If you don’t, you’ll come back to a car interior whose windows are frosted like a cold mug at a nice restaurant.
  6. Before you travel, make sure to check out a weather forecast. It’s no good setting out thinking you’ll be traveling down a dry road and then getting caught in the middle of a blizzard.
  7. If a blizzard is coming, make sure to stock up on food that you don’t need electrical appliances to cook. You may not get a hot meal on a cold night, but at least you’ll have something to eat.
  8. From AAA’s winter driving tips, keep your gas tank at least half filled to prevent freezing gas lines.
  9. Cat litter makes for good traction, whether you need to walk on an icy sidewalk or your car’s stuck in mud. And to think I do my business in the stuff!
  10. The Center for Disease Control has a page with good suggestions for winter health that I haven’t covered here. Be sure to check it out!

Meet Some Other Colorado Businesses

You know folks, one of the best ways to do business is to do business with other businesses so that you can exchange business. In this spirit, we’ve been working with two other Colorado establishments: a wonderful Aspen Creek Cellars in Bailey, and Luna’s Mandala in Conifer.

A homegrown winery set right next to the Platte River, Aspen Creek Cellars offers a large selection of wines, as well as winery tours and on-site wine tastings, a venue for private parties, and wine club membership.

We’ve known them a long time because they were one of our first customers. We engrave their wine glasses and bottles, and their on-site store carries some of our glassware products, with more on the way.

Luna’s Mandala offers “unique gifts and clothing inspired by nature,” according to their website. In addition to clothing, jewelry, and other unique items, they carry our Mountain Creek Naturals cleaning line, as well as our aromatherapy sprays. In fact, their inventory recently started offering the aromatherapy gift tote, which includes the Awaken, Blissful, Harmony, De-Stress, and Relax scents.

Make sure to stop each of these stores online and in person to check out the selection; buying locally means you’ll save on shipping!

Fun with Google Trends

Hey, everyone, JoJo the Orange Kat here. In doing this blog, I’ve been told about the importance of search terms and search engine optimization and have been doing my best ever since. In trying to be hip to this, I recently learned about a nifty program called Google Trends, which shows the popularity of a given search term through a five year basis. I decided to plug a few key words in, see what it came up with, and share the results with you.

Early on we were a little bit far from the search term, but over the years we’ve been closing the gap, as seen around June 2014.

According to this chart, at least, the name of our business has actually become more trend-worthy than custom plaques. We must be doing something right! It’s probably because I’m the mascot….

Like with the military gift category, Orange Kat has seemed to gain relevance with that of useless machine curiosity.

Squatch spook

October, the month when the Colorado hills and mountains are gold and red with changing aspen leaves and the autumn air is chilly. But that’s okay, because as a cat, that permits me to stay inside where it’s temperature controlled and lay in a bar of sunlight to warm my fuzzy kitty tummy.

But not so much in the evening. October is the month of Halloween, where witches and

ghosts go bump in the night. But those aren’t what my feline eyes see as the sun sets and darkness comes earlier and earlier as we go further into fall. I think there’s something out there, and it seems to have huge feet….

Hold on, I just got it. Big feet. Big Foot. The sasquatch! Why, what a perfect idea for a new product. Hold on, let me just bother the humans.

(An hour of unintelligible meowing and confusion ensues)

There we go. I present to you the Bigfoot Beer glass!

Bigfoot Beer glass

If somehow you have trouble wrapping your mind around the existence of this mythical creature, then drinking from this glass will help. Look for it in our store sometime soon!

Also, if you’re in the Bailey area and want to check out a local locale related to Big Foot, head on over to the Sasquatch Outpost. In addition to having tons of Sasquatch merchandise, they have a selection of outdoor supplies, good for if you’re planning a Bigfoot photo safari or just want to enjoy the outdoors.