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Leaving Your Mark with Jewelry

Gaudy jewelry materials

Earrings are a must have accessory for any good outfit. However, with that being said, one has to be careful about the type of jewelry you choose. You don’t want to buy anything made from materials like in the above picture and end up looking like a gaudy Mr. T knock-off. Or like the mother of mother-in-laws.

With this in mind, it’s difficult to think of a good birthday gift idea or to find something to make a memorable Christmas present. And even if you can, there’s the visits to crowded shopping malls or fighting traffic to get to a nearby jewelry store, where in either case the salespeople make car dealers look subtle.  

But, that’s what they invented online shopping for. Our store hosts a unique pair of Paw Print Hardwood Earrings for the animal lover in your life, and for just $12.49. And they’re even made of comfortable lightweight wood! Click the link to see what woods you can choose from, including Maple and Cocobolo.

Remembering Veterans

Photo of the Vietnam Memorial Wall

It’s important we remember our military veterans, as their service has allowed us to enjoy numerous freedoms. For example, if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be able to use my freedom of speech to express myself via my claw-marks-on-the-couch art abstract art.

This is why I want to share with you an article about Air Force Veteran David Hine. He is collecting photographs corresponding to the names on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall to add them to the Virtual Vietnam Veterans Wall of Faces. With this website, the names of the fallen can be put to a face so that they may be better remembered.


Around the world with Orange Kat

World map

The nice thing about working in a business like this is the travel. We get to see so many countries… or at least our products do.



North America, United States, Canada, States, Provinces

Orange Kat has shipped to North America, both in Canada and the United States.

United states, non-contiguous, Hawaii, islands

A few of our orders can go to the non-contiguous US as well.

Europe, Western Europe, United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, Sweden

We can also deliver to a wide range of countries in Europe. So far we’ve had orders from the United Kingdom, Germany, Norway, and Sweden.

Middle East, Israel

Our products have made their way to the Middle East via orders from Israel.

Asia, Japan, islands

Some of our products have made their way to Asia via Japan.

Oceania, Australia, New Zealand

Oceania has seen a few of our products due to some products bought by customers in Australia.