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Always Busy, Always Happy


Busy, Busy, Busy

Those are the only words to describe how we’ve been this past week. We’ve been so busy I forgot to get my furry little mitts on a camera to take a picture of all the wooden wineglass toppers we’ve been making for a United Healthcare Children’s Foundation charity event!

The foundation helps children gain access to healthcare they otherwise can’t afford. Be sure to visit their website to learn more about them, and how you can get involved

All I can tell you right now is that there were so many they towered over a cat of my size. It was a little intimidating at first, but then I remembered I could just knock them over when the humans weren’t looking.

Improving our website’s military product descriptions

We’re currently going through the descriptions of our large plaques and reworking them to reflect the history of the noble unit behind each insignia. So far we’ve completed 101st Airborne through 1st Cavalry. Head on over to the site to check it out!

Another Day in the Workshop


New Product Coming Soon!

Hello everyone! Here’s hoping you had a good weekend, one which wasn’t too hot or too rainy. Personally, I prefer the former because it allows me to warm my tummy and get in the way of the sliding glass door. But just because I like to laze around doesn’t mean I haven’t been contributing to work. Look for our new customizable Navy rocks and beer glasses coming to our website, Amazon, and Etsy pages sometime soon.

Workshop to Christmas Workshop…in July

We’ve also been working hard to get our inventory ready for the Colorado Country Christmas Gift Show. It may be some months off, but we want to make sure we arrive there with plenty of our products for you to peruse in person, such as our handcrafted wooden ornaments.

This talk of Christmas shows has got me thinking. Santa may have lots of gifts to deliver on Christmas, but we have one thing he doesn’t: we’re open year round and we’re online. Be sure to keep that in mind when you’re facing down the prospect of shopping on Black Friday.

In the meantime, make sure to keep checking our website. There may be something there that you overlooked the first time!

Baseball and Parachutes


It’s been a busy week at the workshop. In addition to restocking a large number of our Useless Machines, we cut a good number of plaques and glassware.

So, after all that work, I decided to head out with some of the other Orange Kat crew to kick up my paws at the Rockies vs. Braves game. It was an exciting game, with a tie of 2-2 until the ninth inning, when the Rockies won the game.

We should’ve known it was going to be an awesome game, however, due to the pregame event. The Wings of Blue Air Force Skydiving Team parachuted into Coors Field, with the paratroopers bearing the American flag, a flag for each military branch, the POW/MIA flag, and a flag with the Colorado Rockies logo. The thing I learned about these talented troopers like this is that they’re like cats: when they fall, they always land on their feet. A video of the event can be found on the Wings of Blue Facebook page.

Also, in an interesting history side note, this Wednesday, July 15 marks the 72nd Anniversary of the formation of the 10th Mountain Division. Seeing the effectiveness of ski-mounted troops against invading Soviet forces in the late 1930s, the army devoted time and effort to create a similar unit trained for mountain warfare. On July 15, 1943 the 10th Light Division (Alpine) was activated. They would later go on to see combat in Italy during World War II, where their mountaineer training would be used to ascend Riva Ridge to help take Mt. Belvedere.

Happy 4th!


Happy 4th of July, everyone! Here’s hoping you had a chance to eat plenty of grilled meaty treats and delicious deserts before watching fireworks. What better way to celebrate our nation’s origin than with giant explosions filling the night sky?

Of course, Independence Day is always a good affair in the Colorado Foothills. Even if things are too dry for fireworks up here, it’s still nice to have a cook-out with friends when the house is decked out in red, white, and blue. And the lack of fireworks was kind of nice; it allowed for a good catnap after my tummy was full of barbeque.

Talk to you all next week!

Meet JoJo the Orange Kat


Hey folks, this is Jojo! I figured since I put the Orange and Kat into the company name, I’d go ahead and take over this blog. I mean, they just left it sitting there, and I’m a cat; they should’ve known I was going to stick my nose in it eventually. To start out the blog, I’ll give you an overview of some of our products, all of which are made in Colorado. In case you forgot, or something.

Customizable Wooden Plaques and Ornaments          

One thing we have plenty of is customizable wooden plaques. If you have a military hero in your life, we have a plaque or ornament for them. Whether it’s Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard, we have a wide selection to choose from for each of these military branches.

Now you might ask me, “JoJo, what about a plaque or ornament for civic organizations, or for my fraternal organization?” Well, the thing is… we have items for clubs and civil servants, too!

Care to celebrate a canine companion? Don’t just throw them a bone; look at our selection of dog breed plaques sure to please any dog owner.

All of these hand-assembled wooden plaques and ornaments are cut from Baltic Birch plywood with a laser printer, then hand stained for a nice and noble look.

Games, Puzzles, and Toys

When I tell you we have good games, I’m not playing around. Our selection of simple classics are made from Baltic Birch wood. They’re compact, too; you can use them on the car ride to the vet, or slide them next to your ball of string when you’re done.

Our. Toys. Are. Terrific. If you want to take your pen for a spin, the Spiro Sketch comes in a “living hinge” case which opens like a book, making for easy storage. If you want something that works for you instead of you working for it, we have the Useless Machine. It can come fully assembled, or if you want to do the work for us, we offer a DIY kit complete with enclosure and motor components.

Our portable brain teasers aren’t your granny’s jigsaw puzzles. The living hinge cases themselves are fun enough to play with, but these hand-assembled wooden puzzles will keep you engrossed for hours. Or you can turn to the included solution if you need a hint or two.

Wine glasses and Drinkware

If you want a glass of your favorite drink, we can get it for you. The glass part, at least. Just look at our selection of customizable rocks and beer glasses for parents, grandparents, or soldiers. The designs are laser etched, meaning they won’t come off due to use or hand washing.

Our wide selection of stemmed and stemless wine glasses have the same enduring quality, and can also be customized. Have a bottle of your favorite vintage? Uncorking a bottle of wine for weekend werrymaking, er, merrymaking? Go check out our excellent glasses for those occasions.

Mountain Creek Naturals Cleaning Products and Aromatherapy

Life gets dirty sometimes, and not all of us have rough feline tongues to clean it. That’s why there’s Mountain Creek Naturals, a series of scented cleaners for a multitude of purposes. Now your home can look good and smell good.

Life gets stinky sometimes, too. That’s where our aromatherapy products come in. Each item is made from a variety of materials, with no animal testing (whew!), meaning you can spritz it on linen, the air, or on yourself.